martes, febrero 27, 2007

Finland Trip - Day 1

Finland is different...

Thrusday, lunch time, restaurant of LTU... Dani told to me about a trip to Finland... and the finally answer was: yesssssssss.

On Friday everning, we rent the 2 cars (Volvo, of course) in the company Avis, but the trip started on Saturday morning.

Dani came to Björkskatan to take Girbal and me. The welcome was great because one guy was eating two delicious eggs. We went to Porsön to take the other members of the expedition.

Luleå, Kalix, Haparanda (IKEA) .... and Finlandddddd. Nothing interesting in this way, only a big snow storm that didn't allow us to see the road in some situations (f***k trucks).

Our first stop was Kemi, in order to visit the Ice Castle "Lumi Linna". Cool place, with a lot of sculptures on ice, the bar, the hotel, the chappel ... everything made by ice as you can see in the photographs.

New friends and Russian hat

Eagle and canyon in ice


Wedding actors

People bought or "bought" some sourvenirs from the shop. We needed to eat. The result was a great Chinese buffet when we were completely full after devastate the area.

SnowCastle 076
Before the battle

In Finland the alcohol is cheaper than in Sweden, so we made a stop in Alko, the state-owned company which sell alcohol in Finland. Some guys made really good business ;-)

We arrived in Oulu, our final destiny in that day. We took the first exit and the Hotel Turisti was there !!! Incredible.

Preparty in the hotel, sauna, nice game with cards and go to the disco Onnela. 4 dancefloors, girls that ask you things, not more pushing people ... The best!!! The Finnish people are completely different in the party than their Swedish neighbours.

Kiitos!! [Thanks in Finnish]

PS. Tomorrow I will start a new trip (Snow and Ice fieldtrip), so I hope that I will write more in the weekend.

miércoles, febrero 21, 2007

Ice Hockey in Luleå


Ice Hockey:Blood, sweat and tears

During all my time in Luleå, I went to 3 ice-hockey matchs in Coop Arena, the stadium of Luleå HF.

Luleå vs Djurgårdens 3-1
My first match ... So cool!!! At the beginning, Luleå was loosing 0-1. The nightmare of Stockholm returned to my mind (We were in the football match Sweden-Spain that Spain lost 2-0). But, the Luleå HF scored one goal (you can see it in the middle of the video), so ... party in the terraces!!!

Luleå vs Linköping 4-2
Second Match, and the story returned ... Luleå was loosing ... but the supporters made a great work and Luleå won the match. At the end of each match, there is a ritual to say "Tack så mycket" (Thanks) to the Luleå Fans:

Luleå vs Timrå 3-5
In that match, we lost. So sad... The victory was really really near, but finally, it was not possible. In the video, you can see the face of the Erasmus people after the 5th goal of Timrå team.

We spent a really good time in each match, and a lot of memories return to my mind when I saw the pictures.

Exchange Students of the 1st semester

Ticket of a match

  • The bus stop of the stadium Coop Arena is Delfingatan(Line 4 or 5). Use the webpage of the company LLT to check the timetable.
  • The price of one ticket is 80Kr.
  • If you buy your ticket in Stil, the price is 90kr and the bus is included.
  • Go before the start of the match, to take a good place
  • Shout and support Luleå HF !!!
See you soon !

sábado, febrero 17, 2007

Winter Festival


And the Winter came to Luleå...

The University of Luleå prepared for us 2 days of winter and snow called the Winter Festival. As you can read in the brochure in English, the organizers made a great work.

During Wednesday evening, 4 buses from the university went to Måttsund, a ski resort near Luleå. There we could practice skiing (2nd time in my life) and other kind of activities, like race in garbage bags (Lisa, my flatmate, was the 3rd ... looser!!! ;-) ). After that, a shower and a little party of Saint Valentine (in Sweden is "Alla Hjärtans Dag", the "day of all hearts").

On Thrusday, there was a lot of activities in the university. I had to choose some of them:
  • Dog sled
  • Ice climb
  • Handicraft with wool
  • Reindeer sled
  • Massage
  • Salsa dance

Ice Climb. Toes frozen!!!

Valerie and my new Russian-hat

My first Reindeer [alive]!!!

I love this University!!!

PS. The post about Hemavan and the last day of Nolle-p will be done in a future. Patient

miércoles, febrero 07, 2007

Nolle Perioden 2007 [Winter edition] - Day 3 bis

Until Miky send me the photos os the last day of the Nolle Perioden, I want to share the video of the performance of the Phösare group in the Welcome dinner. Enjoy it!

If you have the video when we showed our real identities, please contact me!