sábado, marzo 31, 2007

Scandinavian Trip - Malmö

Good morning!!!
We are today in Lund. yesterday we were in Malmö, after 24 hours of train since Lulea. Great City!!! Please, visit it! and during the night a party in a Manicomic Corridor in Lund.

Sorry guys, but I need to make a presentation for a course in Lulea.

See you!

domingo, marzo 25, 2007

Sash! Trip - Day 1


Crazy. This is the best adjetive for the Sash! trip. Some weeks ago, I saw in the webpage of Sash! (a DJ) a session in the club Onnela in Oulu (Finland). I send an email so Hanne, but I forgot it until wednesday ... Fede, an italian guy, said me in the middle of the course about go to Finland. "How could we reach Finland ?". At 23.55, in the middle of the farewell sauna party (See you Nathalie, Bjorn and Anja!!!), Fede came to me and he said me: "in 8 hours we are going to take a car to Finland". That's all. Adventure!

Fede and me in Onnela

Yesssssssss!!!! Finlaaaaaaaaaaand!

So at 7.30, I was ready (I could sleep only 1 hour because I needed to wash my clothes). The Sash! trip joined the Tallin Trip. Kiran, Paul, Rob, Cecile, Richy, Ewan and the others brough us until Oulu, our destination.

Half of Tallin Team

Paul O'Reily dancing in Oulu

In Oulu, we met the Luleå's girls team (Hanne, Chiara, Asia, Kasia). We spent a really good day with them. Hanne suggested a evening in a Spa of Holiday Club Oulu. Ohhhhh, so wonderful. And they have waves in a swimming pool! the sauna was also different if you compare it with the sauna of Väderleden 11 (smells good!).

The Luleå's girls (Hanne, Chiara, Asia, Kasia)

Swimming pool of Spa

After a romantic sandwich dinner, we went to the best place in Oulu: Onnela club. I was a little nervous because Sash! was late. But it was worth it. The session was really good. Sash! played all the well-known songs (Ecuador, Stay, Mysterious times...). I took some videos, but the quality of the sound is awful. I haven't word to describe my feelings. I was very very happy!!


Sash! and me

Do you remember Ecuador??? Maybe one of the songs that give me power

Sash! - Ecuador

PS. Gettho points.

sábado, marzo 24, 2007

Tando enfilau ...

From Asturias, it's a very funny remix of a traditional song.
Enjoy it!

Tando enfilau yo mexe na caleya!!!
Estando borracho yo mee en el camino!!! [Spanish]
When I was drunk, I peed in the path!!! [English]

La Bandina - Na caleya

Tomorrow ... Sash!

domingo, marzo 18, 2007

Hemavan - Financial Summary

Normal Price

Trip fee (include Home, Bus, Lift): 1870kr (no member of Stil). I took a last minute trip
Rent Equipment(a pair of skis, ski boots, ski poles): 415 Kr (4 days). Special Offer for students
Food: 183 Kr (ICA near Centrumhuset)

Finally Price

Trip fee: 1100 Kr
Rent Equipment: 415 Kr
Food: 183 Kr

Total: 1698Kr = 182,5 €

miércoles, marzo 14, 2007

Hemavan - Skiing Day 3 & 4

LuleaFeb 073
Ready, steady, go!!!

Saturday 3rd of February
Second day in the ski school. It was ok until 13.00. I was dying because some night wounds. So, go home and a big big nap (Spanish "siesta"). Preparty in our home and, later, visit another apartment.

LuleaFeb 059
Simon before the party

Lesson of the night: "Don't drink if you are sleeping" (by Simon).

Simon after the party

Sunday 4th of February
Last day in Hemavan. Sad and happy at the same time. There was a snow storm, so it was difficult to ski. Anyway, we made the most of the slopes.

LuleaFeb 065
Intellectual photo

LuleaFeb 066
Waiting for better weather

At 13.00 we needed to return the rented equipment and go home and clean (more or less). Thank you Pipi for say me my faults. Bye bye Hemavan!!!

This video shows my progress in 4 days. Have fun with it!

My last time skiing in Hemavan

During the return way, we stopped again in a small village. But I realized that there was an igloo!!! So I tried to visit it. It was a part of an hotel ... so I came inside, asked and ... eureka!


domingo, marzo 11, 2007

Madrid 11M - In memoriam

Today, the awful remembers come into my life again. 3 years ago, 191 people was killed in the trains of Madrid. Each person had a family, a life full of dreams ...

Silence. That was the strange visitor in the streets used to listen people talking, shouting or laughing.

Thank to the volunteers, blood donors, the people of Madrid and everyone that helped just with a simple act (like give a mobile phone to a girl who couldn't call her family).

Today, some tears dropped in Luleå ...

Tribute Madrid 11M. Never again!

You're never walk alone

Hemavan - Skiing Day 2

LuleaFeb 053
Ready, steady, go!!!

Friday 2nd of February
First day in the ski school. The teacher was really good with us, so we learnt a lot. My friends went to Tarnaby, the other ski resort, so I was practising in the same slope during some hours.

LuleaFeb 044
Landscape of Tarnaby (and Pipi)

LuleaFeb 042
Guys in Tarnaby

But the best was later... On Friday the ski resort was open until 8 o'clock, and that was great. Alex and me spent all the day skiing, and my last slope was a red one (the letter V)

LuleaFeb 016
Alex and me in the lift

The bad think of that day was the injury of Alina, my floormate. Finally it only was a few days resting.

When we arrived home (more or less at 20.30) our friends were in party mood, so we needed to hurry up to catch them ... but this is longer story ;-)

ski trip 037
Party mood. Cheese tongue

viernes, marzo 09, 2007

Hemavan - Skiing Day 1

Destination: Hemavan

One month ago, more or less, I made a trip with Alpina, the skiw club of LTU. I had some notes written in my notebook, but I will create a summary post of each day. This trip was supposed to be half ski ahlf party, but for me it was 90% skiing...

Wednesday 31th of January
We took the bus 16.15 near Konsum, 45 minutes stop in Sorsele and arrived in Hemavan (our destiny) around 23.00. We spent the travel talking between us and to future psychologists. And please ... don't eat nuts !!!

ski trip 017

Thrusday 1st of February
First day skiing!!! As you can see in the video, I needed a lot of time just to down a little slope. We rented all the new, completly new stuff in the Centrumhuset. After that two modes: down and stand up. It was exhausting!!! Go home with my flatmates: Alex, Lolo, Pipi and Simon, and rest for the next day.

My first time skiing

LuleaFeb 034
Lolo, Pipi, Tejo, Alex, Simon

ski trip 032
Landscape of Hemavan

miércoles, marzo 07, 2007

J'y suis jamais allé by Yann Tiersen

Trapped ...

Some people are now a little trapped. Before go to the Ice Hotel in Kiruna I want to put this song in my blog. The song "J'y suis jamais allé" (Yann Tiersen) comes from the movie "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain". This movie is a good antidote when your world is a little dark. Enjoy it!

martes, marzo 06, 2007

Finland Trip - Financial Summary

Normal Price
Rent Car: 850kr per car (5 peeople). Website Avis.
Fuel: 81kr + 64kr per person
Food: 9,50€ [Chinese] + Food from home
Ice Castle: 6,30 € (Normal price 7€. 10% discount because we are a group [10 people]). Website Ice Castle "Lumi Linna".
Hotel turisti: 26,60€ (80€ room 3 beds/ night). Website Hotel Turisti.
Disco Onnela: 7€ entrance. 2€ cloakroom. Website Disco Onnela.
Zoo Ranua: 8,50 € (Normal price 10€. Special price for students). Website Zoo Ranua.

Finally Price
Rent Car: 170kr
Fuel: 145kr
Food: 9,50€
Ice Castle: 6,30 €
Hotel turisti: 26,60€
Disco Onnela: 9€
Zoo Ranua: 8,50 €

Total: 215 Kr + 59,90€ = 769,23Kr = 83,14€

sábado, marzo 03, 2007

Finland Trip - Day 2

Finland is different [part 2] ...

Sunday morning, Planning: breakfast at 10.00 and departure at 11.00. Result: Breakfast in terrible conditions and departure at 12.15.

Marzio and me went to visit Oulu, streets, parks, cathedral and the policeman. There is a lot of wind in Oulu!!!!

Cathedral of Oulu

Statue of a policeman

Our new destiny was ... Ranua, to the Artic Zoo. During the way, it was supposed that a lot of reindeers, elks ... Nothing!!! Completly nothing!!! I want to complain .

The Artic Zoo in Ranua is really good. It's 2,5 km long and you go walking. We saw a lot of differents animals. And the Top 3 is:

Position 3: Capercaillie [Urogallo]


Position 2: Elk [Alce]


Position 1: Polar Bear [Oso Polar]


And, that's all. Return to Porsön, divide the service charges and go home.