martes, julio 31, 2007

Ad Verbum, 5 years of dreams

The company members

Happy Birthday!!!

One month in Riga and 5 years of Ad Verbum, the company where I am working. In order to celebrate it, almost all the members of the company went to Restaurant Charlstons, where we had a great dinner. After it, the party continued in Manuel and Estefania's flat till some hour in the morning ;-)

Delicious desert

lunes, julio 23, 2007

Liepājā, Baltic Beach Party 2007

Baltic Beach Party!

Weekend again, travel another time ;-)

On Saturday morning, David, Manuel, Estefania and me went to Liepaja to the Baltic Beach Party (our intention was to go on Friday (Scooter concert), there were no bus-train-plane tickets). This year, we are 62000 people in the festival... amazing!!!

We were so tired, that our objectives were so clear: eat and sleep. There is always time to the sightseeing and during the mini tour around the city, I found this guitar

Latvia Musicians Alley of Fame

After the mini tour, we met Caroline and Emelie, two volunteers who provided us a place to leave the bags and go free to the party. Do you remember them??

Dinner (Emelie in the photo)

Sea-Tent in the camping

So, it was time to go to party!!!

The beginning!

The end!

PS. Sorry for the sound, but I don't know why my Pentax Option S6 records so bad the sound. WTF!

jueves, julio 19, 2007

AEGEE Riga SU - Spanish party


Yesterday it was the Spanish party in Riga SU. I think that everybody had a lot of fun (and maybe other things...).

The Spanish team was cooking almost all the evening in order to prepare the most traditional Spanish dishes. Even though there weren't good material to cook, the opinion of all the people was the same: "How can I do this in my home??? It is delicious!!"

Participants around the table.

Participants around the table.

In a cooking-break, Fernando started to play an Asturian bagpipe (I haven't heard it in live almost one year. I was near to cry!!!). Do you know how to play this game???

Bagpipe game

martes, julio 17, 2007

AEGEE Riga - Summer University

Kristine, one of the organizers of the Summer University Riga 2007.

During the next 2 weeks, AEGEE Riga is organizing a Summer University. So, we are joining some of the activities as well as we can't all of them (we are still working). Today it was the Welcome party, tomorrow the Spanish party and on the weekend at the Baltic beach party. Do you want to join ?

The participants

AEGEE: Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe (AEGEE), also known as the European Students' Forum. One of Europe's largest interdisciplinary student organizations.

Summer University: A Summer University is usually a two-week event organised by an AEGEE local bringing together between 20 and 50 students from all over Europe. The activities carried out during a Summer University range from academic activities to multicultural activities. (It means, 15 days of party and good vibes!)

domingo, julio 15, 2007

Stag Party ("Despedida de soltero"). Example 1

In Riga you can see all the weekends a lot of stag/hen party (in Spanish, "despedida de soltero/soltera"). Some of them are really funny, so I will try to upload videos of the greatest ones. Enjoy it!

PS. This weekend we (my brother and me) were in Tallin. So medieval ....

Wigs (Pelucas)

domingo, julio 08, 2007

Wedding tradition in Jurmala

A future wife (one week)

I was making a video but some girls stopped us. I tought that there were angry because I was recording so I stopped. I was wrong. In fact, the girl under a crown will get married next weekend, so she and her friends were selling some funny stuff. It is a nice tradition!!! Some to export to Spain

First part

Second part

Jurmala, day in the beach

Wedding. Couple in Jurmala Beach

On Saturday Estefania, Manuel and me wen to Jurmala, a city near Riga where all the people go to beach.

We took a train, where we meet Emelie and Caroline, two French girls who are voluntieers in Riga (Do you know European Programme "Youth in Action"???)

Exchanging telephone numbers

As you can see in the first photo, yesterday there were a lot of weddings (07/07/2007). Supersticion??? (Read about supersticion in Russia in Spanish)

Also, there was a referendum in Latvia, but no so many people care about it ... (Read more the referendum in Latvia. Politics in Latvia in Spanish)

From yesterday, we had a lot of anecdotes: Russian guy who invites us to a birthday party, the Russian who lives in Huelva and ...

Tomorrw in your best blog about Riga :-)

After that, just a few more photos ...

Tropicana girls

And take the train to return home

Latvian train

Trip summary:
  • Train: Latvijas dzelzceļš
  • Price: 1,25Ls round trip
  • Time: around 30 miuntes.
  • Frequency: 20-30 minutes
  • Notes: There is not a stop called "Jurmala". The name where you shold stoo is Dzintari or Majori.

viernes, julio 06, 2007

Art Nouveau in Riga

Riga from Albert Hotel Lounge Bar

Yesterday we made a break in our working lifes so, we went to Albert Hotel in order to have drink. Really good view from the 11th floor, in the bar terrace Lounge.

Manuel and Estefania planning the final attack!

After that, we walked around Albert iela (Albert Street), becaue is full of Art Nouveau.

Symbol of Art Noveau in Riga

Art Noveau Building

Why the roof is made by metallic material???

Important. If you want to visit Riga during my trainee period, please contact me in order to arrange the days. At least, 3 people will visit me (July, August and September). Don't forget it!

See you soon! The weekend has been started!

PS. Each night, I eat my dinner watching a video from youtube of a spanish series called Callejeros. It is high recommended!!! Link in youtube of the playlist

martes, julio 03, 2007

15 days in Riga

House of Blackheads

15 days since the arrival. 15 days of work. This is my summary.

I spent almost all the time working in the office or at home with another projects. So I hadn't so much time for the entertainment.

The weather was not so good, as you can see. Hopefully, it will change in the next days. One amazing thing from Riga: from the Flood to a sunny day it is only 1 hour and a half of difference.

On Saturday, Manuel, Estefania and me walked around the Old City. At night, we cooked Pelmini (typical Baltic & Russian food). We tried to follow the advices from Miguel, a friend that lives now in Saint Petersburg. I liked it, but we should improve the receipt.

About the night in Riga ... I hope that we chose the wrong place, because heard Simon & Garfunkel, Elvis and so on when you are in the party mood .. is not the best. Maybe next weekend will be different.

And now, the photos!!

A rainy day from the office window

Manuel, Estefania and the cake mmmm

With my flags

Anti-Spanish flag's thieves

Hen Party

Estefania and Manuel around the city

Pelmeni (or kind of...)

Latvian people, what's that??