viernes, septiembre 28, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I am in Spain again. It is great!

More news in the next days.

jueves, septiembre 20, 2007

Next stop: Russia

Busy last days in Riga. Alvaro, my cousin is here. Rafa, a friend form the university was also during the weekend. I will write about this after THE TRIP.

We (Alvaro and me) will visit Russia since today night until 26th September. We will go to S. Petersburg. Everybody tells amazing things about this city, so we need to check it. As everything is written in Cirilic alphabet, yesterday we bought a Russian-English dictionary. During the trip we will try to learn to read with this new alphabet.

So, see you soon! Maybe the next post will be from Russia... or Spain... Who knows ?

jueves, septiembre 13, 2007

La marquesina [in Spanish]

La cuenta atras ha comenzado y hay que ponerse al dia de como me voy a encontrar mi tierra despues de una año fuera. Hoy he descubierto a la Marquesina, personaje de una serie de ficción llamada Terapia de grupo de la Television Publica de Asturias.

No me he resistido y he tenido que hacer un post, a pesar que es muy freak. Me reí a rabiar en cada uno de los videos que hay colgados en Youtube. Brutal.

Por cierto:
Quies un pocu chorizu?

miércoles, septiembre 12, 2007

What is that??? [Latvia]

During three months, I have seen a lot of small things that always came up one question...

What is that???

All the litter bins in Riga. Double function.

Working timetable

Where can I park? Wikier wrote about the same in Poland

And now, the riddle (adivinanza). What will you find if you follow the sign???


lunes, septiembre 10, 2007

History Lesson - Baltic Way

Baltic Way is the event which occurred on August 23, 1989 when approximately two million people joined their hands to form an over 600 kilometer long human chain across the three Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

This original demonstration was organized to draw the world's attention to the common historical fate which these three countries suffered.

It marked the 50 year anniversary since August 23, 1939 when Soviet Union and Germany in the secret protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact divided spheres of interest in Eastern Europe which led to 50 years of occupation for these three states.

Original from

domingo, septiembre 02, 2007

Latvia 62 - Spain 69 [Basketball]


Today, It was a women basketball friendly game between Spain and Latvia, in the Riga Arena.

The match was quite good (I suffer a little at the beginning and in the end). I was one of the two Spanish supporters in all the Stadium. I felt strange, but it wasn´t any problem.

When I was going to the Riga Arena, 2 police cars crossed the road quite fast with a diplomat car in the middle. Who was ??? Again, the president of Latvia, Valdis Zatlers.

Valdis Zatlers, President of Latvia

At the end, the coach of the Spanish national team,Evaristo Pérez, saw me when he was going to the changing room. He came to me and we had a small chat. I really liked this action. After that, time to go to the court and take a photo with the cup and some of the players (Amaya Valdemoro, Cindy Lima, Ana Montañana).

Cindy Lima, Tejo and the Cup

Maybe, somebody want to see the cheerleaders ....

FEB. News in Spanish

sábado, septiembre 01, 2007

Sunrise Avenue - Fairytale gone bad

This is the end you know

A great song from a Finnish group, Sunrise Avenue. Song that Erasmus people enjoyed the last year.

Lyrics of Fairytale gone bad