domingo, marzo 30, 2008

Next stop: Ireland

I am going to spend one week in Ireland, visiting Sergio in Galway, hopefully visiting Belfast with DERI mates and Dublin at the end of the trip.

So I will be disconnect from the computer world (in the practical way) all these days.

Finally, I will try to connect with some new friends of (even when my workmates said that I am crazy if I met people that I haven't met before).

viernes, marzo 28, 2008

[Flashback] Weekend in Tallinn

Estonian Flag

As my brother has come to visit me, we went to visit during a weekend Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. If I close my eyes, I can still see the towers of the medieval city, the smell of Olde Hansa, met Laura (a participant of Summer University of AEGEE Riga), the sound of the techno festival, party with EVS volunteers...

Tallinn Landscape

Entrance towers

Medieval costume



Swedish Embassy

Travel Tips:
  • Bus company: Price with ISIC Card of return ticket: 24 €
    • Bus Riga - Tallinn [07:20 - 12:50]
    • Bus Tallinn - Riga [15:25 - 20:55]
  • Tallinn Backpackers. You can book in advance by internet (you will pay the 5% by credit Card in advance). Price per night: 14,38€
  • From Bus station to center is around 20-25 minutes walking (we were near to spend an extra night in Tallinn)

domingo, marzo 23, 2008

Just in 20 days...

I spent this weekend in Villacarralon again. I had been there 20 days ago. And the landspace has changed

Landscape (2nd March)

Landscape (22nd March)

In the way, we stopped in "Colegiata de Santa Maria de Arbas". It has a sundial (reloj solar).


domingo, marzo 16, 2008

[Flashback] Līgo & Jānis Festival in Latvia

Līgo & Jānis festival

Līgo is the biggest traditional Latvian festival, having a deep symbolic meaning for Latvians and known in other countries too. The Ligo-Festival (Ligo-Eve) is on 23 June, with Jani on the following day – 24 June. It coincides with the summer solstice, and the festivities include many ancient traditions: gathering wild flowers and cutting boughs, making wreaths of oak-leaves and flowers, decorating houses and animals, burning a ceremonial bonfire and singing songs with the ‘ligo’ refrain. Ritual food includes Jani cheese, with caraway seed, and barley beer.

Flower Wreath

Ligo Cheese (Siers)

Ligo Party storehouse!

Jumping a Ligo Bonfire

Līgo Song

Līgo advertisement

Thanks to Māris and his friends for that party. It was great! (Ecuador in the other side of the river, super-grandmother, the wreaths, bonfires, stay awake until sunrise, home-made beer...)

More info at Latvia's Friend blog.

martes, marzo 11, 2008

Villacarralon. Relax weekend

One week ago, I was visiting my family in Villacarralon, an smalll village of Valladolid (Spain). Time to disconnect from the world (no mobiles, no internet, no technology...)

I had taken some pictures. Enjoy them!


Romero + ermita
Hermitage and rosemary

Torre + Cigüeña
Tower and Stork

PS. Sorry for the low blogging.