miércoles, abril 30, 2008

Problems with the contact webpage

The contact form of www.dayures.net had some technical problems. I have fixed them.

If you have used it, please, try again, because I haven't received the message content

Sorry for the inconveniences.

domingo, abril 27, 2008

Xavi in Asturias

Luleå meeting in Gijon. Xavi, Ivan, Güelli, Nestor (thanks for the photos) and me.
Xavi, next time try to not loose your mobile phone ;-)

martes, abril 22, 2008

Let Us Alive - Don't eat us!

Talking with my workmates in CTIC, I remembered this photo taken 5 years ago in Santander bus station...

Translation to English: Let Us Alive - Don't eat us!

domingo, abril 13, 2008

[Flashback] Rafa in Latvia

From 14th till 17th of September, Rafa (aka Boronat) was visiting Latvia, as the same time as Alvaro, my cousin. So we tried to do a complete weekend: Sigulda Trip + Opera + Basketball.

Before came here, we agreed to visit Sigulda (for me it was the second time. As we had missed the train, we spent one hour visiting the "Russian part" of Riga (as Russian Market).

Russian style
Russian style tower

In Sigulda, we took one chance: To do summer Bobsleigh (Jamaica team!!)

Summer Bobsleigh
Summer Bobsleigh

After that, we ate some typical Latvian food and we went to visit the Sigulda Castle. It started to rain, but the 3 brave men continue the trip through the forest until Gutman Cave. The found a table with just apples and a bowl to give a tip (Can you imagine the same in Spain?)

Free fruit
Do you want an apple?

Endless stairs
Endless stairs

Gutman Cave
Gutman Cave

We arrived in Riga just to go home and watch the last time of the European Basketball championship. Spain won the semifinal!!! So we had something to do the next day ;-)

On Sunday, the plan was clear: Lunch, Opera and Basketball.

Lunch of Typical Latvian food:


Kvass. The Russian Coca-Cola

After lunch, we went to Latvijas Nacionālā Opera in order to see "La Traviata" by Giuseppe Verdi. I am sure that you know this part:

And after Opera, the final match of the EuroBasket 2007. During all the match, you could only heard the Spanish supporters in the bar, but at the end, only the Russian supporters (more in number than the Spanish) were shouting. And, believe, it is not a good idea to start an argue with Russian drunk people in Riga.

The best of the match: A Hamburger

On Monday, just time to say goodbye to the city and take a look from Reval Hotel.

Boronat @ Reval
Rafa and Tejo @Reval Hotel

Thanks for your visit, Rafa!! (aka Boronat)

jueves, abril 10, 2008

Back to the reality

Yesterday I came back from Ireland. It was a great short break. Now, time to keep working hard in CTIC and in my universities courses.

Hopefully, I will upload some photos and comments during the weekend.

And one question more ... where will be the next stop?

miércoles, abril 02, 2008

From DERI Galway

Finally, after 15 hours of travel, I have arrived into Sergio's home. Weather is nice (is not raining) and I made a express visit of DERI (and touching a real OLPC). Now, I am going to know a little more about Irish traditions :-)

See you soon!