domingo, mayo 25, 2008

Ola - Natalie [music]

After a long 7 days of conferences, work, study and other issues, I am little tired. So today, I will post a song from my Erasmus time in Luleå, Sweden. Move your body!

Lyrics: Ola - Natalie

PS. Thanks to all the people that I have met the last days. I hope to see all of you soon!!

miércoles, mayo 14, 2008

[Flashback] LOB (Laurea students On Boat)

Almost one year, some students from Luleå University of Technology joined one of the surrealist party that I have ever been: Laurea students On Boat.

We arrived Helsinki after 12-14 hours of bus (survival mode).

There, Jyrki Hero, a friend from the 1st semester in Luleå show us the city.

After that, we took our way until the next day. A little of Extreme tourism, Onnela, Minttu...
It's simple. Students + Boat = Party. A boat sailed between Helsinki and Stockholm. Two party nights. And one whole day to theorically get to know the city of Stockholm.
No photos or videos are allowed to upload. Just memories:
  • Miky arriving 5 minutes before the set sailing ("Stop the boat!")
  • Less than 1 hour to start the madness
  • Taking a sunbath with Cerem
  • Alfonso is dead
  • Pinky, the Swedish friend
  • Pi-woman
  • Security and Scottish people (and Spanish runnning like heros)
  • Shopping cart
  • Saara's dance: The microwave
  • and more ....
One mentionable fact:
If a girl stops you and she said: "You are {put your name}" in the middle of a party-boat ... What should you do? I met a girl who sent me an email regarding my blog. World is sooo small (I should write one day about it).

Trip: 110% recommended!

domingo, mayo 11, 2008

Weekend in Valladolid (sightseeing, vaquillas, party)

Valladolid city flag

I spent the last weekend in Valladolid, city in north-central Spain, upon the Pisuerga River, part of the historical region of Castile.

My cousin Alvaro celebrated his birthday, and he made a party. I had a great time (I really enjoyed the party (Maybe it was the best party in a long time).

I had enough time:

1. To go sightseeing:


Academia de Caballeria

Lys flower


Fuente dorada

2. Run "vaquillas" (little cows) at Arroyo de la Encomienda:

3. And to the party:

Buying all the stuff

In the middle of the party

Alvaro and his beer's glasses

Thanks for that weekend!

lunes, mayo 05, 2008

Folixa na Primavera 2008, Mieres

Saturday, 2008 April 19th. Nestor, Juan, his girlfriend and me arrived in Mieres, a city located in a small valley in the center of Asturias, along the banks of the Rio Caudal(Caudal River). It is the heart of the coal mining industry.

Our aim was a festival called "Folixa na primavera" (Folixa=party, primavera=spring). Basically, celtic music, traditions and cider.

Dani (you will know him in a few weeks, in a post about Vilnius) showed us the best place to eat a hamburguer in Mieres. Later we went to the concert of Dervish (I was the only one who can speak Gaelic ;-)).
Dervish in Concert from Nextor

After that, a sculpture of two Asturian guys holding a bottle of Cider was burning and a lot of young people danced traditional Asturian dances.

Burning the winter from Nextor

Thanks to Dani to show us the city (next time, we will do it properly), Juan (driver and always surprising me) and Nestor (for your photos. Next time, bring more clothes). See you soon!

Erasmus Tips:
  • During this festival, if you buy a cider's glass for 3€ and, you can drink as much cider as you want.
  • You can go to Mieres by bus or train.

jueves, mayo 01, 2008

Next Stop: Valladolid

It is ashame that almost half of my family life in the city of Valladolid and I haven't been there properly. So I am going to fix this issue during the weekend :-)

See you on Monday!

Photo from Flickr angeldp