sábado, agosto 30, 2008

[Flashback] Skellefteå and Kåge


Before leave Sweden, Lisa invited us (Nestor, Manu and me) to spend some days in Skellefteå and Kåge, her home village.

1. Bus Luleå-Skellefteå

Manu: I will never travel again...

2. Lisa's Home

Lisa's home
All the family

3. Swedish Auction

Swedish auction
How sell a house

4. Surströmming

Family eating surströmming

5. Cross country skate

Before, I was happy


6. Cottage

Playing game
Playing Swedish games

Ready, steady, go!!!

Ready, steady, go!!!

7. Pippi Långstrump

Pippi Långstrump
So cute!

8. Piteå

miércoles, agosto 27, 2008

Star Pilots - In The Heat Of The Night

As always, after an ex-Erasmus meeting, I need Swedish music. Today, I wanna show you a video from Star Pilots called "In The Heat Of The Night"

Lyrics: Star Pilots - In The Heat Of The Night

jueves, agosto 14, 2008

International Descent of the River Sella 2008

The International Descent of the River Sella, (a.k.a Piragüas) was celebrated on Saturday 9th August 2008. This is an excuse for one of the biggest parties in Spain (Sanfermines, Fallas, Feria de Abril and Piragüas).

So, Güelli, Nestor, Simon (Swedish mate) and me went to Ribadesella in order to have party on Friday night. There, we met Ponfi, Ari and Miky from our Swedish year, as well as Ponfi's friends (Soto, Ivanin, Manolo, Paula...). What happened?? As far as I remember: dance Saturday Night in the middle of the street, "A la marisma" throwing competition, the f*** beer can, stomachache, laying on the beach, guys made a "little" hole in the beach...

Nestor!! We wanna photos! :-)

Read more about this event in: The International Descend of the river Sella. The river and the competition.