sábado, enero 24, 2009

Windy day & wall colapsed

Yesterday it was a really windy night. And now, I realized about weather warnings and its results...

lunes, enero 05, 2009

Sokol feat. Pono & Franek Kimono - W aucie

Funny song that I listened during my 2008 European trip in Poland. Hopefully I will have the chance to dance it again :-)

viernes, enero 02, 2009

Ponferrada in 24 hours

Pons Ferrata (Iron bridge in latin)

What can I do in 24 hours? Go to Ponferrada and surprise friends
  • my Swedish flatmates: Lisa, Ebba, Andreas and Åsa...
  • my Spanish spiritual leader Ponfi.
Special thanks to Nestor (the only person who knew about the trip) to manage almost everything :-)

Ponferrada Crew
Swedish Crew (and Nestor)

Ponferrada Castle
Belen (Basilica de la Encina)

Ponferrada Meeting
Family photo