martes, diciembre 15, 2009

[FlashBack] Youna in Galicia

Little Youna

In August 2005, I have the chance to stay in Calp in a workcamp. There a lot of people started the legend of the "Calpe Diem".

This september, 4 years later, some of the members of that spirit met again. The place chosen was Galicia (Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña). The excuse: Youna, a French friend decided to visit Spain. The route:

: Arrive in Santiago de Compostela. Talk a long time and had party using special flyers (Paris-Dakar?).

Saturday: Visit Santiago when the weather allowed us. Buy a cheese and be ripped off by an old farmer woman. Go to A Coruña (fast train!). Have party drinking using a Porron and eating peanuts.

: sleep ... and visit A Coruña , specially the Tower of Hercules (so big!).

Willy, Chiño and Youna (somewhere in Santiago de Compostela)

Se habla ingles (escrito en español)
Should be "We speak in English"?

Spreding words
Spread the words ...

Wallace, Martin and Carlos (Hercules Tower Park)

Hercules Tower
Youna, Martin, Willy and Hercules Tower.

Before leave A Coruña
Before leave A Coruña (Bus station)

viernes, diciembre 11, 2009

Last stop: Zaragoza

Zaragoza (Pilar & Puente de piedra)
I am back from Zaragoza, after a few days attending a Vulcano project meeting. Time enough to work, to visit the city and to meet Erasmus friends (Silvia, Alex and Andres). Hope to see you back in Asturias!

jueves, diciembre 10, 2009

[FlashBack] Barcelona long weekend

As you know, I was in Barcelona due to Manu and Beas's wedding. But I had time to visit the city and spend time doing "other stuff".

Welcome party. Jorge, Nestor, Alberto prepared to Ponfi, Güelli, Miky and me (Ari arrived late) a welcome party, bringing some nice and orange stuff from Aldeasa. After the hotel kick-off meeting, we made "ther party". The next part is censored :-)

At morning, walking to Sagrada Familia with Miky. Manu and Bea's Wedding.

Munchkin game in a Kebab restaurant. Castellers de Cornellá exhibition.

Morning. Slow walk around Güell Park, maybe the most beautiful place in Barcelona, reading Gomorra (RobertoSaviano).

Evening. Visit Montjuïc hill. (Sorry, the photos are worst than bad)

Tuesday [FC Barcelona Day]

Camp Nou

Copa, Liga y Champions

Wednesday [Antoni Gaudí Day]

Cheap bus to the airport. Line 46 Plaza España - Aeropuerto Barcelona (El Prat) from 1.35€ (single ticket)

To reach, Montjuïc, the Funicular of Montjuïc is the most ecological, economical and confortable way of access to the hill. The Funicular of Montjuïc is integrated in the metro network and connection between both is at the metro station Paral·lel (Lines 2 and 3) all with the same ticket.

Funny things

Space Invaders
Space invaders in Barcelona

Punt de Reflexió
Thinking point

Perro = Dog in Spanish ...

Be careful when you install pirate version of Windows :-)

Doble V
Doble V, the idol of Miguel

martes, diciembre 08, 2009

[FlashBack] Barcelona, Manu's wedding

This summer, Manu, our little-big friend from Luleå-Erasmus, and Bea get married in Barcelona.

The Erasmus team

I want to say in public just two things:
  • Thanks for invited me to that special step in your life.
  • Congratulations for the best wedding party that I have ever been.
Un pilar, sí señor, un pilar

sábado, diciembre 05, 2009

Next stop: Zaragoza

From 8th to 10th of December, I am going to attend a Vulcano meeting at Zaragoza. Are you near? ;-)