sábado, diciembre 04, 2010

Casa Generosa (Pedroveya)

Review of the restaurant "Casa Generosa" in Spanish

sábado, noviembre 20, 2010

Xana's route (ruta de las xanas - Asturias)

If you find it interesting, you can read more about the route of "Las Xanas" in this review.

jueves, noviembre 11, 2010

Fossils in Oviedo's [2nd edition]

Now, I will not say the places. Do you know where are they?

domingo, noviembre 07, 2010

Fossils in Oviedo's street

Yesterday, after the bike ride, Javi showed me an amazing fossil located in a flagstone, in Juan XXIII square (Oviedo).

It's great when you visit your city an other people show you this stuff.

Have you ever seen it before?
Do you know other places in Oviedo where you can find fossils?

martes, septiembre 21, 2010

Tradition: Paxarinas

Paxarinas are figures made from flour and egg purchased in the atrium of the Cathedral of Oviedo during Saint Matthew's day, on 21 September. They are kept at home because the tradition says that "in days of storm, the lightning away from home."

Las paxarinas son figuras de harina y yema que se compran en el atrio de la Catedral de Oviedo, el día de San Mateo, el 21 de septiembre. Se guardan en casa porque la tradición dice que «en días de tempestad, alejan las centellas del hogar».

viernes, septiembre 03, 2010

[es] Menú del Restaurante Monte Naranco de Oviedo

Los precios que aparecen son a 26 de febrero de 2012.

Servicio a domicilio del Restaurante Monte Naranco de Oviedo en el teléfono: 985 11 09 77

Ahora ya se donde tengo que ir para encontrar el menú :)

Aviso: No tengo ningún tipo de relación comercial con el Restaurante Monte Naranco.

Gracias Bene por las fotos (y por el menú)!

domingo, agosto 29, 2010


In Spring, that plant was a cactus. What's is now?

jueves, julio 08, 2010

Next stop: Pamplona

An not-planning trip. We will see ;)
photo by carthesian (under Creative Commons license)

photo by inthesity (under a Creative Commons license)

martes, abril 27, 2010

Last stop: León, "Nórdica 2010"

During a weekend, a group of Asturian people could attend the "Nórdica 2010"(in León), a meeting of all Engineers Without Borders associations from the North of Spain. Thanks for the great time that we spent there!

If you are interested in that event, and you could understand Spanish visit:

domingo, enero 10, 2010

Oviedo's Snowmen

These days, Oviedo is full of snow (and dangerous ice). As there is an unsual situation, people get funny of that (snow ball battles, making snowmen, down a hill with a plastic bag, taking pictures...). Enjoy the snow!

¡Año de nieve, año de bienes!