miércoles, diciembre 26, 2007

God Jul, Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus, Merry Xmas, Feliz Navidad

I wish it could be Christmas every month, every week, every day...

Best wishes to you, your family & friends

miércoles, diciembre 19, 2007

Russia: another country, another rules, another photos...


The riddle (adivinanza)

What is the meaning of the signs ???


WC in the street




La Tuna de Universitaria de Madrid

Handmade car


St. Petersburg - Day 5 [Back to Riga]


The day started at 2.00 am, when the Spanish team went to the river NEva in order to see the spectacle of the brigdes over River Neva opening and the boats crossing the city.
Brigde Neva

During the rest of the day, we were visiting some other places in the city (Aurora Cruiser, gardens...)


St. Petersburg - Day 4 [Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood]


Another reason to visit St. Petersburg is the "Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood" (also called the Church on Spilt Blood or the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ). The name refers to the blood of the assassinated Alexander II of Russia, who was mortally wounded on that site.Read more about Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood in Wikipedia


Space Museum
Space museum inside the Peter and Paul Fortress. Exhibited the authentic space vehicle "Soyuz-16", space suits, space food, flight uniform.


sábado, diciembre 15, 2007

St. Petersburg - Day 3 [Peterhof]

Luxury. This is the 1st word that come into my mind when I think about Peterhof. Peterhof (Russian: Петерго́ф), is a series of palaces and gardens (with fountains), laid out on the orders of Peter the Great, and sometimes called the "Russian Versailles". Read more about Petehof in Wikipedia


Classical Musica Band

Use the underground + a bus in order to go to Peterhof. It is really cheaper compared to Meteor boat.

  • Metro+bus way: First go to the metro station Avtovo (line 1). Exit Mthe station, cross the street, there's a small bus marked 424A that goes to the front door of Peterhof that cost 30 rubles. So each way is 30 + 12 rubles for the metro.
  • Boat way: The cheapest Meteor boat costs around 300 rubles. These boats start directly in front of the Winterpalace (Hermitage) and the ride will take about 40 minutes.

During whole the weekend, in the Dovortsovaya Square, we had been looking people reading the same purple book. It was sooo strange!!
So we asked a guy about it. They read the purple book because it was a weekend task from the leader of Irlem. They talked us about advantages of read together (looks like a religion). If you want to know more, visit http://www.irlem.ru

Reading the "purple book"

Underground Evening Tourism
The underground (also called tube, subway) of St. Petersburg is a work of art. It is not allow to take photos inside the underground, but I have found some photos in internet. We spent around 2 hours from one station to another one (the best stations are in the red line).

It also has one of the longest escalator in the world (we had spent around 2-3 minutes just in one of them!!!)

viernes, diciembre 14, 2007

viernes, diciembre 07, 2007

Portugal - Lisboa

I am in Portugal!!! I am writing in a kind of bar, after a great meal in Lisboa. Tomorrow, we will go to Porto.

Right now, everything goes well: party, tourism, food ....

As soon as I will return to Spain, I will write more ;-)

See you my friends

PS. Força vinho verde!

domingo, diciembre 02, 2007

St. Petersburg - Day 2 [Hermitage and City]

In our tourist planning, the Hermitage Museum was the first thing to visit on Saturday. The State Hermitage Museum (Russian: Государственный Эрмитаж) is one of the largest museums in the world, with 3 million works of art. The vast Hermitage collections are displayed in six buildings, the main one being the Winter Palace which used to be the official residence of the Russian Tsars [read more about Hermitage].


Alvaro and me

Look the painting walls!


So huge, that we had to stop after 5 hours. Too much information for our brains (imagine, we walked through 2 rooms of Picasso, but we didn't care about it...)

. If you are student and you have an ISIC card, the entrance is FREE! (saving 10 euros)

During the evening, we were visiting the city, observing the Russian style of life.

Wedding in Russia = Champagne

Авто радио, Auto Radio in cirilic alphabet

sábado, diciembre 01, 2007

Magnus Carlsson - Another Rainbow

Today I had an ex-Erasmus meeting: Nextor and me. We were listening some Swedish music (we miss the country, the people ....), like Another Rainbow from Magnus Carlsson.

Lyrics: Magnus Carlsson - Another Rainbow
Updated: The previous video is not longer available at Youtube

sábado, noviembre 24, 2007

Wiidra, Wii + Sidra [Wii + Cider]

Wiidra is a game that uses part of the Wii hardware in order to simulate maybe the most popular Asturian traditions: "Escanciar", the way we pour the cider, our typical drink.

Wiidra has been developed by Fundacion CTIC, aka, the company that I am working to.

If you want to know more about it:
Post in English of my colleague, Diego Berrueta

Noticia con video en www.elmundo.es

viernes, noviembre 23, 2007

[Remember] Daze - Superhero lover

Work + Business course = no life :-)

Just a videoclip of a song from a long time ago ...

domingo, noviembre 11, 2007

Visa to Russia in Riga [Ladpluss]

If you need to visit Russia and you are in Riga, you can go to Ladpluss.

The main office is in Marijas iela 9, 11 birojs , Rīga [Near Origo Square, the main train station]. See it in the map

For your visa to Russia you will need:
  • Your passport
  • 1 photo (not photocopy of a photo!!)
  • Money (from 34Ls = 40euros (ready in 10 days) to 65Ls = 100euros (ready in 2 days))
You will need to hire a medical insurance, but it is quite cheap (around 0,35 Lats per day).

And be ready to speak a mix between English, Russian and Latvian.

Good luck!

St. Petersburg - Day 1


20 September. I had finished my intership in Adverbum and I had one week of holidays before return to Spain. So we (my cousin Alvaro and me) decided to go to St. Petersburg, Russia.

The trip started with a the taxi driver in Riga trying to cheat us:
Taxi Driver: It is 3 lats
Me: And why in the taximeter appears 1.95 ???
Taxi Driver: Don't worry he he he
Me: Yes, yes ... I don't worry. Your 2 lats. Bye!

From Riga, you can go by train, plane or bus (Eurolines or Ecolines). We had chosen the bus option for 2 reason:
  • Schedule. The travel was during the night
  • Price. Return ticket (billete de ida y vuelta) for 43 euros.
After 12 hours of bus, we arrived in St Petersburg after suffer a traffic jam. In the bus stop, Miguel (3/4 Spanish, 1/4 Russian friend) was waiting for us.

Miguel and Carlos Tejo

I wan to say a big Thank you! because he took care of us before the trip and during the trip. Although he had to attend some other events, we could meet a couple of times and he teached us a lot about Russian life. If you want to know more about Russia, go ahead to his blog in Spanish Los Diarios Rusos de Mijail Antonovich.

Miguel guided us until our new home, Nord hostel. It is a highly recommened place. Two minutes far from the Hermitage (the f**** middle of the town)!!!

So, it was time to visit a little the city.

Spit of Vasilyevsky Island

In that place there are 2 things: Weddings and limousines.

Bear, Wedding and Musica

Peter and Paul Fortress
Contains a number of buildings including the Peter and Paul Cathedral, where all Russian tsars from Peter I to Alexander III are interred and the remains of the Imperial martyrs, Nicholas II and his family and entourage, were also interred there, in the side St.Catherine's Chapel.

Walk and fire woman
That's happened during a short walk around the city center, in a park...

Fire & Woman

Bonus Photo
Bus & Toliet

martes, octubre 30, 2007

Diego ... fenonemo!! [in Spanish]

Esta es la transcripcion de una llamada. ¿Es una broma? ¿Es en serio? No me importa!
Dedicado a Güelli, uno de los pilares del Erasmus en Luleå, Suecia :-)

T: Telefonista
A: Asturiano que llama

T: En que puedo ayudarle
A: Buenas noches Diego Gallu
A: Oye mira a ver un telefono aqui en Madrid oh
T: Un telefono en Madrid?
A: en Madrid
T: en Madrid capital?
A: si

T: digame
A: putes
T: perdon???
A: unas putas quiero
A: a ver donde hay putas
A: bar de putas, club nocturno, videoclub sin video o tal, mira a ver
A: Para ir a follar ahora toy caliente como su puta madre

A: Dieguin!!!
T: si disculpe ...
A: Diego yes un fenomeno
A: Diego eres un gallo, Diego
A: Diego estas casado?
T: si
A: Divoooorciate Diego grande monstruo

A: alla en el rancho grande, alla donde vivia
A: Dame el numero Diego oh
T: Si, esta en Virgen del coro
A: Virgen... que coro?
A: como va ..
A: si son putes joder, son putes y van a la calle virgen
A: cagon mi madre
A: dime el numero

*** Informacion privada

A: y como ye el puticlub esti oh
T: como?
A: como se llama el bar oh
T: esta a nombre del propietario

** Informacion privada

A: pero, hay putes ahi no?
A: pero escucha.. ven conmigo que ta to pagao!
A: pero escucha una cosa oh
A: Ta en virgen del coro. Como va a tar virgen si hay putes ahi

A: Escuchame una cosa
A: que hiciste abusadora, que hiciste ..
A: a que esa es buena?
T: buena si
A: sabes quien la canta?
T: no
A: el de "Numerao, Numerao Viva la numeración Quien
A: ha visto matrimonio Sin correr amonestación ehy"

A: Diego eres un fenomeno
A: Tu podrias ser cantante si no fuera por la voz, Diego Idolo
A: Cuando este ponindo la pica en flandes porque voy a romper el culo a la putuca
A: Yo pago pero donde pago meto el taladro pa alla ahh

A: saco el nardo
A: Tengo un nardo bmmm bueno veintipico y metoulu
A: y voy decir por diego y por todos mis compañeros
A: Vale diego?
T: Muchas gracias por su llamada buenas noches
A: Diego fenomeno idolo que hoy metes oh

A: La gente aguanta mucho tio
A: buahhh

jueves, octubre 25, 2007

New work: Fundacion CTIC

Since 15th October, I am working in CTIC Foundation (Center for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in Asturias), a non-profit private organization, constituted by a group of firms from the Information and Communication Technologies field, and the Government of the Principality of Asturias.

Research, Development and Innovation Area (R&D and Innovation) in semantic web will be my domain and I will start in "Vulcano Proyect".

So now, you know a little more about where I will be during the next period of my live.

martes, octubre 23, 2007

Ola - S.O.S [music]

One year after, I am still listening this kind of music from Sweden...

Lyrics: Ola - S.O.S.

sábado, octubre 20, 2007

New domain!!! www.dayures.net

Finally, after a long time, I have registerd the domain www.dayures.net. So, right now, you can access to this blog using the address:

Avila: Walls, family and friends

12th October is the National Day in Spain, called "Dia de la Hispanidad" (it is also "Dia de la raza" in some Latin American countries). And it is also the birthday of my grandfather, so all the family go to Villacarralon in order to celebrate it. It was time to meet again with my family ohhhhhh

The next day, Arkaitz, Alvaro and me (Carlos Tejo) went to Avila in order to visit the city and meet some friends.



Carlos Tejo
Carlos Tejo

Avila is a city with big medieval walls, born place of Saint Teresa of Avila born and best place to eat "T-bone steak of Avila".

Avila's walls

Saint Teresa of Avila

T-bone steak of Avila

In Avila, we met Laura, a friend of Arkaitz and now friend of us. During the night, we meet some of Laura's friends. It was a pitty that we would return to Valladolid the same day, so we couldn't have a big party with them.


Arkaitz and Laura

Alvaro and Carlos Tejo

New Avila friends

New Avila friends