lunes, enero 29, 2007

Nolle Perioden 2007 [Winter edition] - Day 3


Saturday 20th of January

It's my birthday!!!! This day some years ago, in the little town of Aviles (Asturias - Spain), my mother gave to the world a little child. After some years, this child went to Sweden and today, he is a Phösare!!!

Today, we started at 12.00 with some games in the B-building and the preparation of the Welcome dinner's performances.

Go home, talk to my family and friends. Eat a little, because the dinner was at 18.00!!!

The "Welcome dinner" was in the Brasseriet, a club in the down-town. I needed to rest so while people were eating, I was sleeping in the sofas. So I started to eat a little late.

I was eating when the other Phösare said me "It's the time of our performance. Go!!" I couldn't believe that, I needed to eat more!!! But I can't say no to a Phösare, so I went ... and surprise!!! There prepare a little speech to my birthday. Thank you very very much but no more spanks ;-) And thank to the all Happy Birthdays in the different languages.

After that, the newcomers made the performances. I'm very very proud of my group because the perfomance was really good and they had to repeat twice because the audience said something like "omtagning ".


My "children"

The other performances was really good (Mexican, Russian, Spanish, French, LURC, EEIGM... )

Paquito el chocolatero

And the Phösare's performance was amazing. We made a choreography for Boten Anna, the summer song in Sweden. If you have the video please send me!!!

The beginning of the performance

In the middle of the performance

End against the wall

In the last moments of the dinner, the Phösare agreed to reveal our real identities while we were making again our performance. In that moment was the tostmaster (A new experience in my life) and was really funny.

During the party, my friend Pierre (aka Pipi) gave me a very good present: One song called ... Boten Anna. Everybody went to the stage. Crazy!!! Thank you for that present. It was the best. I prefer that things that physical presents.

Pipi and Alicia

Photo from the stage

Phösare Miky

And a photo in the Cleo Website of the Friday Night.

Sorry, but I need to wait for more photos to finish the post of the last day

Ahh, write your comments!!

sábado, enero 20, 2007

Nolle Perioden 2007 [Winter edition] - Day 2


Friday 19th of January

The NollePerioden continues... Today we had a visit to the down town. I arrived a little late (problems in my course registrations). We bought more drinks for the party of the night and later returned home by bus (we wrote our logo in the notebook of the bus).

The long party of the day before forced me to take a nap (Siesta). Take our clothes and go to the hat party in Porsön.

A lot of people and really funny hats!!! Anya played a game with the exchanges and Miky started to play caps (Swedish game).



After 3 hours in the sauna of Porsön, we took a bus and went to the downtown, to Cleo. Everybody was inside in a few minutes, so the assault was successful.

Inside Cleo... great!!! The DJ put my song "Ecuador" by Sash! The people enjoyed it a lot (people want party). The only bad thing was that somebody stole the bags of 2 girls. Please, take care the next time.

Crazy Spanish

Swedish flatmates

The owner of the overall

People want party!!!

Making new "friends"

My new accent

See you tomorrow!

viernes, enero 19, 2007

Nolle Perioden 2007 [Winter edition] - Day 1


The NollePerioden started! The 10 Phösare were working hard, but now it's time to show the work. We came inside the LKAB room looking for our destiny. Short presentation (Miker toastmaster) of the NollePerioden.

Later, we divided the newcomers in 3 different groups. My group is Sax (meaning scissors in Swedish). The guys made the "brika" (special banner) and name's games.

Short stop so eat something (kebab pizza) and Paper chase. My group, the 6 best newcomers of Luleå agreed to make some photos in each place that we were going to visit.


Teknikens hus



The next step today was a preparty in Geble (one of the student places in the university), party in the place (some funny games) and finished at 23.00

But the night continued in Bjorx, a sauna party (Lolo's birthday) with a lot of people. The last ones finished the party just 15 before I wrote this post.

See you tomorrow!

miércoles, enero 17, 2007

Nolle Perioden 2007 [Winter edition] - Day 0


The welcome period (aka Nolleperioden) is a period of social activities for newcomers to the university. A group of ex-newcomers (where I am included) are going to be a Phösare (senior student that guide the new people). The LTU NollePerioden is one the most famous welcome period in all Sweden so we worked hard in order to continue with the high level.

The overall, the sunglasses, the hat and my heart is ready for this new experience. Tomorrow at 16.45, I will be one of them. Take care, one new Phösare is released!!

Do you want to know more about NollePerioden?

The welcome period (aka Nolleperioden) is a period of social activities for newcomers to the university, meant to welcome the freshly arrived students to Luleå and the University. It is meant to be a warm welcome, help you to get to know each other, the classes and students from other classes.

There are activities ranging from snow games to jovial student traditions, like caps, treasure hunt, games and the welcome dinner. Everything in the welcome period is voluntary and you can come on only part of the activities if you like, and you always participate to the extent you want to.

The whole group of exchange students is divided in small groups. To its help, the group has a group of senior student as guides, called Phösare. You’ll recognize them from wearing an overall, sunglasses and a student cap.

Newcomers are invited to join many welcoming and get-to-know-you activities. It’s a good chance to make new friends!

lunes, enero 15, 2007

A caprice: Food from bear


Can with food from Karhu (Brown bear in Finnish).

Yesterday was a hard student day. Since the first ray of light, Jorge and me were working for finish the report in the project. After 10 weeks, all the assignments are completed, so we should have a reward.

Atrapaos group needed to celebrate the end so it was time to open a can with bear meat (This special stuff was bought in a trip to Jokkmokk).


It's like a foie gras mixed with meat from bear. The taste is strong (I can't compare with other meat) but nice with a piece of bread or some cheese.

Have you ever eaten this kind of food?

martes, enero 09, 2007

Sexy corridor - Members

It's time to talk about the people who live on me in the corridor (Väderleden 9, 3rd floor). We are a big family of 5 members.


Lei (aka Chinarro). China
He loves America. He always cooks in a wok. Shouting specialist


Damian (aka No-more-Spanish). Poland
Unix lover and metal music fan. The "youngest" in the corridor


Lisa (aka Raul's girlfriend). Sweden
Sexy symbol of the corridor. Future teacher of maths.


Jon (aka Cromo del Betis). Sweden
The most polite person in Luleå. Keen on Shamanism


Me (aka Tejo). Spain
Cook Trainee: innovation and survival. Ex-cucumber addict

domingo, enero 07, 2007

New year Eve in Luleå

"Gott Nytt År" means "Happy New year" in Swedish

This New year's eve twas compltetely different. Other country, other friends, other food... But was good. We met the exchange students in Basile's corridor (like the Xmas dinner). Same ritual than the Xmas dinner, except a attempt of "campanadas" (trying eat 12 grapes, like our tradition in Spain). At 23.05, we took the bus, in order to see the fireworks. Fireworks ... or attempt of fireworks.

Later, as usual, we went to Cleo, when we spent the night. But at 3 o'clock everything was closed. So it was time to return home, in silent and thinking about how will be the next year. I should make a wishlist for 2007.

At least, people had fun in another parts of the world, like Rafa.

Hej guys, see you soon !

PD. After that night, I need a real party. I'm not kidding.

jueves, enero 04, 2007

Arjeplog Trip - Financial Summary

Normal Price
Local Bus Bjorskatan-Luleå bus station: over 20 years, 17kr. under 20 years: 9kr
Regional bus Luleå-Arjeplog: over 19 years: 208, under 19 years: 104
Food: 180Kr + food from home
Silver Museum: 50kr per entrance
Taxi to Dog Sled: 800Kr Round trip
Dog Sled: 600kr per person
Snowmobile: 950kr per Snowmobile
House: 1125Kr. 375 night per room of 4 people (3 nights)
Regional bus Arjeplog-Luleå: over 19 years: 208, under 19 years: 104
Local Bus Luleå bus station-Bjorskatan: over 20 years: 17kr, under 20 years: 9kr

Finally Price
Local Bus Bjorskatan-Luleå bus station: Free bus card
Regional bus Luleå-Arjeplog: over 19 years: 208
Food: 45Kr + food from home
Silver Museum: 50kr
Taxi to Dog Sled: 200Kr
Dog Sled: 600kr
Snowmobile: 475kr
House: 306Kr (Official price 281,25)
Regional bus Arjeplog-Luleå: Free until Arvidsjaur. Later mix price (2 under 19, 2 over). Total 106,50Kr
Local Bus Luleå bus station-Bjorskatan: Free bus card
Total: 1990,5 Kr

miércoles, enero 03, 2007

Arjeplog Trip - Day 4

29 December

This is the end beautiful friend, this is the end my only friend... [Music from Apocalyse now]

The last day started at 07.00, because the meeting was at 8.00. Our instructor provided us with special clothes and a Snowmobile. Ohhh great, wonderful and speed!!!!

During a lot of time (When I though that the trip was finished, we were less than the half of the trip) First forest, later lake (speed, speed), forest, mountain, great landscape and return.

The best ???? The lakes. In the forest, the speed is 10-20km/h. In the lake, We was at 104km/h. Wow.

We made 2 teams: the French-Italian and the Russian-Spanish. Ahh, one advice: try to be the last, because you can control better your movements.

Some photos of the adventure:

Yes, my general

The whole team

Our guide

French-Italian Team ready for the action

Russian-Spanish Team in the cottage in the mountain

The brigde over the river

Playing in the snow. Ains, like children

The landscape while people rescued the snowmobile. (the pink color of the snow is real)

In the middle of a lake, In the back, our objetive: the mountain

In the top of the mountain

The French-Italian+Spanish Team

So time, to return by bus. Take the free-bus at 15.30 and later a cheap bus. We arrived in Luleå near 20.00. "What do you want to do tonoight??" The French-Italian Team prefered sleeping, but the other team went to Cleo.

And who as in Cleo??? Markus, the winner of Idol (Swedish version of Operacion Triunfo). We tried to take a photo, but he didn't want (somtimes by force). Finally, this is the result of our work.

Markus, the new idol

The next post, I will make the economic summary of the trip (Useful information if you want to make it in the future)

martes, enero 02, 2007

Arjeplog Trip - Day 3

28 December

This day started at 09.00. The taxi (cab) took us in front of our sweet home. The Dog sled was near and near ...

What can I say about it ??? Dog Sled is crazy funny for 2 hours ;-) And too fast (also you should break all the time, because the dogs always want more and more speed). We started in the house of the family, wearing the special clothes. Later, the boss opened the cage of the crazy dogs. And the tour started !!! The landscape was great. And is very amusing when you fall and the dogs don't stop ;-) And the end, we enjoyed the best FIKA of the world.

Some photos of the adventure:

The astronauts before the mission

The dance of the duck

The team

Me in the middle of the forest

The landscape

The return to the farm

Incredible Fika

Photo of family with our new friends

After this adventure, we returned to Arjeplog to visited the pink, wooden church (well-known landmark). Arjeplog’s first church building was completed in 1642 and rebuilt in 1894.

Outside the church

Inside the church

Time to return home, but... "Where is the key?". The cultural difference appeared today. In Spain and Ibero-America, December 28 is a day for pranks, equivalent to April Fool's Day in many countries. So nobody (except me and later Michele) knew where was the lost key. After 2 calls to the owner of the house, a fine of 5000kr, several searchs, and 2 hours waiting, the key was found ;-) It was really funny (at least for me).

Little visit with Sasha to the supermarket to buy popcorn and gift-wrap it in a box. Another joke for that day.

Ahh, Michele prepared Pasta Carbonara without cream. I didn't know that carbonara is with eggs!!!