lunes, abril 30, 2007

Famous singer is visiting Luleå

Er Sevilla

The famous Spanish singer Miguel Ángel Rodriguez aka "Er Sevilla" from the band "Los Mojinos Escozios" is now in Luleå. He is preparing the next album "Trapped Unplugged". The list of the songs are:
  1. You are not welcome
  2. You have my name, but not my heart feat. Lulebo
  3. American Pie feat. Magnus
  4. Me-Escocia feat. Güelli
  5. Pínchala (Next Version)
  6. Yo soy, Juan Ramon Jimenez feat. Dj Ponfi
  7. Je t'aime feat. A. GoesFull
  8. Erasmus in Madrid feat. Alberttinho Brown
  9. Bonus track: You are not welcome (Cleo Version)
Maybe he will give a concert tomorrow night in Grace, as a part of the Swedish tour "You are not welcome" in the day of Walpurgis

domingo, abril 29, 2007

Scandinavian Trip - Day 3-4 - Christiania


Christiania: new country

Christiania, also known as Freetown Christiania, but most commonly known amongst its inhabitants and visitors as "fristaden" or simply "staden", is a partially self-governing neighbourhood of about 850 residents, covering 34 hectares in the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital Copenhagen. Christiania was started in an abandoned army baracks in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1971.

Christiania has established semi-legal status as an independent community. It also considering as social experiment with self-government and a democracy based on dialogue replacing majority voting.

More information

Now, my opinion. I would like to make a post about this part of the city of Copenhagen, because I like it very much. It's so different than a typical city, that impressed me a lot.

When we arrived from Malmö, there was a demostration in favour of Christiania as you can see in the pictures. It was a very funny demostration and everybody was wearing special clothes, playing live music in the trucks ...


Demostration Poster

I felt Christiania all around Copenhagen. In the main square of the city, in front of the town hall, there was a meeting about Christiania. Incredible!

Meeting in the town hall

There are some photos of Christiania:

Butik [Capitalist]

Undefined. WC

Main Street

The doors are ...

To go inside

To go outside

And the biggest truth:

Du har mit hjerte

jueves, abril 26, 2007

Scandinavian Trip - Day 4 - Copenhagen

What can I do in this country ...

Copenhagen: turist day

Sunday Morning. The check-out of the youth hostel was at 09.00 so we had to put our lugagge in the railway station. This also included our best suitcate "Alexander".

This suitcase had a little problem: is a big shit! So we moved carefully it, or just we picked up all the stuff when Alexandre opened its doors in the middle of the station.

Alexander, we will never forgot you!

In the walk around the city, we saw the Royal Guard walking to the Palace. So we followed them like paparazzi. Curiosity: the Royal Guard had to stop when the traffic lights were red

Royal Guard

The Changing of the Guard was quite good, but nothing really amazing. Anyway, we took the typical photos.

Fran looking for something

Yes, sir, yes!

After that, we visited Kastellet, a Copenhagen Fortress. I like the geometric shape of the fortificaton, but you can only see in aerial photos.

Fran, Tejo and Roman

Of course, the Little Mermaid

Calm face

This is Marmorkirken or The Marble Church. Time to stop and think.

The Marble Church

During the way, I found this shop. I must point here the sign that reads "No sex, inge sex". Why did they put the sign ??

"No sex, inge sex"

Nyhavn is part of the original Copenhagen Harbor. Relaxation is the key concept here. We just were sitting and looking the people. I liked veru much the colours of the buidings

Turist photo at Nyhavn



We finished our day in Copenhagen taking a train to Malmö. In that train we start to make the famous In/Out. Finally, after a little stop in Malmö, we took our train to Stockholm

Next Stop: Stockholm

lunes, abril 23, 2007

Scandinavian Trip - Day 3 - Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue)

Copenhagen: new country

Saturday evening. After cross the Öresund brigde that joins Sweden and Denmark, we arrived in Copenhagen. Our first aim was to leave the lugagge in the youth hostel called DANHOSTEL Copenhagen City.

Dan Hostel

We went outside, in order to know a little the city and visit the Erotika Museum. Please, don't go! Don't waste your money there. We really don't like it.

Fran and chastity belt

In the city, we took some photos of the most turist places.

Town Hall

Kana, Roman, Fran and Tejo

When we were returning to the youth hostel, I met a guy from my home University in Spain. It was a big coincidence. But David met another friend in the youth hostel. Moncho is studying in Germany his Erasmus year.

Moncho, Kana, Roman, Fran

We walked around the city to know the Danish nightlife. The most important event was a small party in Christinia (you, my reader, will know this place). The day was long, so we needed to eat some spagetthi at the end of the night. Thank you, French people. We won't die!

Don't touch or you will die

viernes, abril 20, 2007

Breaking news! - Google buys Marratech

Marratech is software for electronic conferences that we used in the LTU. Today, American giant Google has bought Luleå-based IT company Marratech for over 100 million kronor ($14).

Read more

Official Google Blog

jueves, abril 19, 2007

Scandinavian Trip - Day 2 night - Lund

Mad Party

Lund: students and party

Finally, I arrived in Lund at 21.30. My friends from Asturias David, Fran and Roman where there with Jorge, a Spanish guy who is studying in Lund. They didn't allow me to go home, take a shower and so on because they wanted party. So .. I couldn't say no. I took a pizza from my favourite Turkish-Pizzeria and went to the first Preparty in a corridor. There, we know the "Mirandesas" team, the other-sidewalk Chinese and more people.


The other guys of Lund

Me, David and Roman

The preparty continued in another corridor with a lot of exchange students, included a girl called Amelie, a Rumanian girl, guys from Austria ....

Second preparty

We decided to go to the Mad Party. There is a building that some years ago was a mental hospital and today is a students building (corridors). So everybody sould wear and behave like a person involved in a mental hospital. We did it very well. From the same moment that we needed to negociate the price to go by taxi .... the real party started. Big moments inside the taxi, singing and jumping.

Jorge, David, Fran and Roman

In the party, a lot of crazy people included a guy with a bottle of white wine. The party was fine until the moment that a guy say "the party is over"...

You drive me crazy

In the mental hospital

So we needed to return home. We took "our" bikes (there was a mistake with a French guy) and go home ... but the police stopped us because we haven't the proper lights to use the bikes. Fran had a little problem with the front wheel (he lost it).

Where are the bikes?

At last, we arrived home quite tired.

Thanks Jorge!

Ahhh, my remember from Lund ...

the parking of bikes

lunes, abril 16, 2007

Scandinavian Trip - Day 1-2 - Malmö


Malmö is in my heart

My Scandinavian trip started on Thrusday at 17.00 aprox. I took a train from Luleå to Goteborg (20 hours) and later another from Goteborg to Malmö (4 hours). My friends were waiting in Lund, but I wanted to visited Malmö so I made this first step alone.

In the train from Goteborg to Malmö I could use a socket that was in the train!!!

Malmö .... I can say that I love this city. As an example, there is some photos that I took in Malmö.

Fran and David

Torrente: "Calamares, Chipirones!!"

Fran and Roman. The power of the mind

Stortorget. Main Square

A funny sculpture

Conquering the building

Holes in a wall to supervise the building site

Tackso & Span the monkey

Special: Turning Torso (Calatrava)


The moon

Until the end