viernes, julio 25, 2008

Peñarrubia Naturist beach

Today, after a long football match with my workmates, Jose Quiroga (thanks for the photos!) suggested to go to the beach. We wanted something different from San Lorenzo beach, so we just follow one road next to sea side. And we finished in Peñarrubia, a naturist beach. Why people are scattered in this beach? Why is so silent? At least, the sound of planes and helicopters training for an air exhibition broke this uncomfortable silent.

Peñarrubia Beach

Quien ve culos, no ve corazones
Who look asses, don't look hearts

lunes, julio 21, 2008

Manu i Asturias (Manu in Asturias)

Manu was visiting the Asturian people (the 2 summer survivors: Dani and me) on July. It was a short meeting ("small" lunch and walk throurg the Semana Negra festival). Time to talk about work, planns for the future, knows about common friends, etc...

Your visit was a pleasure, thanks Manu!

Manu in Asturias
Un Pilar

Manu in Asturias
The three musketeer

Manu in Asturias
Dani, the giant

Manu in Asturias
Tin soldiers

sábado, julio 19, 2008

Madrid, a nice long weekend

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Madrid, the capital of Spain. There, I was spending a great time with some friends (in order to appearance: Josebas, Victor, Ilaria, Silvia, Raul, Angela, Alberto). Thanks to all of them to have time to meet with me. Special thanks to Joseba and Raul for host me during these days.

Friday, 4th July. Party day.
Arrived in Madrid. Just time to change clothes and go to the party with Joseba and his friends (Huertas and Art Decó).

Saturday, 5th July. Gay Pride day.
Sleep, cook and clean. During the evening we went to the "Gay Pride Parade". It was soooo cool!! Even for an heterosexual as me :-) ("Se esta cayendo un mito"). Dancing in the middle of Gran Via till I was exhausted. After a little rest at home, I went to a Italian party with Ilaria & friends.

Madrid - Chueca
Josebas in Chueca

Madrid - Chueca
Victor and friends

Madrid - Gay Pride Parade
Why Google?

Madrid - Gay Pride Parade
Gay Pride Parade

Casa de Suecia
House of Sweden in Madrid

Sunday, 6th July. Relax day.
Swimming in Josebas swimming pool (I want a house like that!). At evening, we arranged a meeting with Silvia (ex-Erasmus Oviedo) in La Latina. We were drinking some stuff until Raul arrived. Raul suggested a place to have dinner ("Roscas"). Mmmm delicious (some of them).

Roscas! (Raul, Joseba, Silvia and Tejo)

Monday, 7th July. Tourism day.
Retiro, Plaza Colon, Cibeles, Genova, Audiencia Nacional, Ferraz, Faro de Moncloa... and maybe more places. All without a map in my hands! Ilaria invited me to have lunch with the Italian team (Puyol said thanks for the pasta). And after that, Angela and Alberto showed me the most important and cultural places of Madrid (Sabatini Gardens, Temple of Debod, Royal Palace, Cathedral of La almudena, Plaza Mayor, Bolsa...). Thanks for the guide, now I can connect places in Madrid! After that, time to pick Ivan from the Bus station and went to Raul's home. Nice dinner (I wanted the chinese Restaurant!) and time to sleep until the "Day D".

Angela, Tejo and Alberto

King and Queen of Madrid

Km. 0

Sancho Panza2

Ilaria and me

Ilaria, waitress

Tuesday, 8th July. "Day D".

Vodafone Award
Vodafone Award