lunes, agosto 24, 2009

Napoles - Emprendedores sociales 2009

From 2 to 9 of July, I went (with other mates) to Naples (Campania, Italy) in order to attend a course called Aventura Emprendedora Social. It was a really nice experience where I shared time with people from other associations and organizations, from Spain and of course from Italy. And we have time also to visit some places and enjoy our time there, for example eating "real" pizza.

I haven't taken so many photos (David is our professional camera-man). In facebook you can find everything ;-)

02 July

Arrive Naples

03 July

Cumae is an ancient Greek settlement and the seat of the Cumaean Sibyl.

Baiae, his arqueological park and the castle

Citta della Scienza (Bagnoli)

04 July


Cantiere Giovanni (Frattamaggiore)

05 July

Paestum a major Graeco-Roman city.

Visit of Naples

06 July

Legambiente Geofilos.

Nuova Cucina Organizata

Caserta Vecchia

07 July

Cooperativa sociale Dedalus


08 July

Arci Movie (Ponticelli)

Napoli Sotterranea, a fascinating trip to the underground area of Naples.

Studenti contro la camorra

09 July

Back to Spain and Multifrutas ;-)

Photo Bonus

Roman party

Ohhhh Pizza

The last pizza

Always, Asturian flag

Aerials? where?

Anti-thief system

Laboratorio Occupato

Drying clothes in the street

viernes, agosto 21, 2009

How I met the Castellers de Cornella

castellers de cornellá

The day after the wedding of Manu and Bea, I went to Cornella again. My idea was to see in live a Castell (a human tower built traditionally in festivals at many locations within Països Catalans). During my no-direction walk, I met Esteve Aguado, the president of the colla Castellers de Cornellá (the group of people who do the castells), who explained me a lot of things around the castells, the castellers and so on.

He introduced me to the other member of the colla, and I felt like a part of the group. In fact, I did my bit, helping in the 'pinya' (the base part of the castell). It was a great experience.

So I want to thank Esteve (and the other colla's members ) for the time that he spent during that evening with me.

Fot-li pinya!