domingo, agosto 26, 2007

Cultural week in Riga

Last 7 sevens, an unusual wave of culture has arrived in my life. I have been in 3 different plays:

Saturday, 18 August. Aida
Chronicle in dayures's blog.

Wednesday, 22 August. Turandot
Wonderful. It was our first time in the Latvian National Opera, place where place exhibited their best clothes (almost, like us).

Turandot. II act

Kike, Estefania and Tejo

Saturday, 25. Swan Lake
Second attempt to the ballet and first whole play. I thought about people all the time dancing in tutu. But this is not the reality. Who can expected a small play inside of a Spanish dance (sevillanas)??? Anyway, this is a short part of the performance (yes, with tutu)

  • Go to the Opera in you are in Riga
  • In Riga, there are subtitles in English and Latvian of the lyrics.
  • Read the play before go to the Opera
  • Enjoy it!

PS. Who is now in Spain ????????

What is that??? [Sweden & Finland]

During one year, I have seen a lot of small things that always came up one question...

What is that???

If you need to pump your bike, just go there! (Stockholm, Sweden))

If you need to recharge your mobile, just go there! (University of Oulu, Finland)

If you need to cross the street ONLY by bike, just press it! (Wherever, Sweden))

If you want to gamble in the supermarket, just go it! (Oulu, Finland)

but if you are under 15 ... no (Oulu, Finland)

And now, the riddle (adivinanza). Why is this sign in the doors inside shops (Sweden)???


lunes, agosto 20, 2007

Radio Stations in Sweden and Latvia

Today, I will talk about the radio stations that I have listen in Sweden and Latvia

In Sweden, I get used to listen:

In Latvia, I use to listen:

My personal choice is Rix FM and Star FM. I become addict of RixFM but when I arrived here, I had to change ... until yesterday.

I had listened a jingle quite similar to RixFM in some places in Latvia so I was confused. Yesterday, during a walk around the city, I found the car of the photo with the same logo style!!! After surfing on the net, I can say: StarFM is the RixFM of the Baltic countries.

Direct link to the music!!!

domingo, agosto 19, 2007

Aida, an Opera in Cesis

Opera Aida

Yesterday, I went to town called Cesis, in order to see Aida (G. Verdi), the first opera of my life. It was nice so I will try to repeat this week in Riga.

I have recorded some parts of the opera. This is a small video of the Triumphal March.

Do you know who was there??? The president of Latvia, Valdis Zatlers.

Valdis Zatlers, President of Latvia

Tip. One good thing of Latvia is the price of the Opera. The ticket to see this opera costed only 3Ls (around 4,5 euros). So, if you are planning to come to Latvia, check if there are any opera or cultural show(, and go!

viernes, agosto 10, 2007

Dani and Hen party


Today, there is a new guest in Riga, Dani from Mieres. After a long trip (stop in London), he can now enjoy the Latvian culture and people (I mean, girls).

So, we made a small tourism tour around the old city. When we were going back home, a group of girls of a hen party, asked us about the option of help the future wife in a test: cross the zebra crossing.

And this is the result ...
You are walking down the street and my heart goes boom..

martes, agosto 07, 2007

The best goal of Maradona...

The best goal...

Once upon a time... I was watching the TV, when I saw the best goal of Maradona. After almost 10 years, Youtube gives me a present in the way of video. Enjoy it!

lunes, agosto 06, 2007

Me han intentado menear!


Summary: a well known website in Spanish has linked the post about the truck over the brigde. That's the reason of the incredible rise of the visitors (from 30 to +800). I am going to write deeply in Spanish about this.

Y ahora, en español ;-) El sabado me fui de turisteo por Riga, que ya estaba bien de llevar mas de un mes y no conocer la parte turista de la ciudad. Cuando estaba cerca del rio Daugava, me encontre con un camion que intento pasar (porque quedo en eso, un intento) por debajo de un puente donde no cabia.

Resultado: el camion se empotro. Y como amante de las situaciones diferentes, me acerque y le hice algunas fotos, que despues subi al blog en forma de post.

Mi sorpresa viene cuando al dia siguiente alguien pone la noticia en Meneame, una web donde la gente envia historias que son revisadas por la comunidad y si recibe los votos suficientes, se publica en la portada.

Como Meneame es bastante conocida en España, las visitas al blog subieron de 30 (media diaria) a mas de 800. Menudo susto me dio!!! Asi que ahi estamos, pugnando por entrar en la portada (aunque creo que es practicamente imposible)

Pues nada, saludos a los lectores ocasionales y si alguno se quiere quedar, bienvenido sea.

sábado, agosto 04, 2007

Mum, what is the meaning of that road sign???

Saturday. Tourism day in Riga. I was walking in the city, when I saw that. No words...





jueves, agosto 02, 2007

Sigulda, land of castles

Sigulda (Nestor's double Tribute)

The last weekend, the Spanish members of AdVerbum plus the parents of the Estefania went to Sigulda, a small city of Latvia. Sigulda region has 3 castles (Turaida, New Sigulda, Medieval Sigulda). As I am a fan of castles, I enjoyed this trip a lot! (I am thinking in repeat it in September with Rafa and stay all the day. What do you think???).

The weather changed as usual in Latvia. We left Turaida Castles raining down (diluviando) and after 20 minutes, the sun was shinning!!! I want a normal summer!

And the photos...

Turaida Castle

From the top of Turaida Castle

Sigulda New Castle (and the rainbow)

Guardians of Sigulda Medieval Castle

Shamanist rithual by Manuel

Trip summary:
  • Train Riga-Sigulda: Latvijas dzelzceļš
  • Price: 1,84Ls round trip
  • Time: around 1 hour
  • Frequency: Check in the website of the train company

  • Sigulda-Turaida: Bus.
  • Price: 0,25 Ls
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • Frecuency: Information in the tourist office
  • Notes: There is a great way to go from Sigulda to Turaida. It is around 6 km. I could suggest a hiking-nature day.